Thursday, November 2, 2017

Organize your business cards

If you receive a lot of business cards, it can be a pain to keep them organized and available when you actually need them. To solve this problem I have found a solution using OneNote and Office Lens.


First you need a Live account (Microsoft)

Now log on to OneNote (or use the OneNote App on your phone or PC)

Create a new Notebook called "Business Card"

If you want to organize your business cards into groups, create a new section per group. I'm using a section for different projects and a section per exhibition I'm attending. I also have a "General" section for everything else.

Install Office Lens:

Connect Office Lens to your Live Account.

Use Office Lens to take a photo of the Business Card, using "Business Card" mode:

Now just press "Save" (Sorry for the danish text). Do NOT add additional images - this is not working.

You can change the name to something saying, but I always leave it as-is and then change it afterwards in OneNote.
Select the OneNote notebook and section you created previously.

Now you get to view a log with 2 new entries. Using this it is possible to open the new entry in OneNote, but also it is possible to open the actual contact information directly and import this to your contact list.

Extra tip:

When ever I use this, I also take a photo of the person I have spoken to and uploads this the same way. And if I got a brochure - I use the Office Lens document mode to upload this. This way I can connect the businees card with the face and information about what this was about.

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